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DV Scotland and Phoenix UK to merge their DMR Networks.

For some weeks, the DV Scotland core team and the administrator of the Phoenix UK DMR network have been discussing a possible merger and management of the two networks into one single DMR network.

DV Scotland manages a network of 14 MMDVM repeaters operating on DMR, D-Star and Yaesu System Fusion. They also operate a DMR IPSC2 Server, a YSF Reflector GB-DVScotland, the XLX600 multimode reflector. 4 Allstar hubs and 2 analogue simplex gateways are also supported.

Phoenix manages a network of 4 IPSC2 servers and 64 DMR repeaters operating as either Motorola, Hytera and MMDVM systems.

The 2 networks are therefore complementary and a merger of the management will be a sensible step forward.

The core team of DV Scotland Phoenix will consist of MM0DXE, GM7HHB, GM4AUP (from DV Scotland) and GM0RDI (from Phoenix). G6FGY will be handling help desk enquiries and assisting with social media. Other duties will be split up between the DV Scotland Sub Admin Team.

Initially it is not planned to make any changes to the current network infrastructure although clearly where there are sensible changes to be made these will be discussed with the repeater operators. For example, it would make sense to rationalise the linking to other networks.

A new helpdesk / ticketing system will be introduced to assist in the management of issues. This new system is currently under final test.

For further information please contact the DV Scotland Phoenix core team via the email address on the DV Scotland website www.DVScotland.net

DV Scotland is an independent informal group of radio amateurs, mostly based in Scotland, who share a common interest in Digital / Analogue voice systems. We are now merging with the Phoenix UK network.

Collectively we operate a number of digital / Analogue voice Repeaters / Nodes throughout Scotland, most of which are Multi-mode, operating on D-Star, DMR, System Fusion, FM modes.

The Group also host a number of Linux servers to run D-Star XLX600 Reflector, YSF GB-DVScotland Reflector, DV Scotland DMR+ IPSC2 DMR Master Server and Allstar HUB 53937.

DVScotland Repeaters support the following modes


Yaesu Fusion


and on GB7XG, GB7DM, GB7AG & GB7SM ( FM Analogue voice ).


How to access the DV Scotland Multimode Network:

DV Scotland AllStar HUB - Node 53937

DV Scotland DMR Network - TG23556

DV Scotland XLX600D D-Star, DMR, YSF

FCS Reflector - FCS23584

YSF Reflector - 00-A-DVScotland

Wires-X Room - 44195

EchoLink Node - MM1CXE / 672203

Ham Shack Hot Line - 94110

Peanut - DMR23556

RF Access:

TG23556 on all DV Scotland Repeaters.

RF Internet Gateways:

MB7IDD - 145.2375 MHz CTCSS 103.5 Hz

MB7ISM - 144.9625 MHz CTCSS 103.5 Hz

MB6AF D-Star Gateway DCS600D

MB6ST D-Star Gateway DCS600D

Listen Live: